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The role of a teacher cannot ever be underestimated. It is the single-most important influence beyond the role of a parent or significant care-giver. A teacher sees a child every day, inspires them to be life-long learners, shapes their mind to see things from multiple perspectives, encourages them to explore the world around them. 

Moreover, they are able to evaluate a child's emotional well-being and social development skills to ensure they are doing well on many levels and is on a safe, healthy path. Based on a teacher's observation and evaluation that is presented to an interdisciplinary team, a student will benefit from receiving the tools needed to succeed academically and in many other areas of their life.





Ohio State Permanent Certification to teach Elementary Education, Grades K-6th


Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, 2007



Jackson Elementary Education School, Cleveland, OH           2011 - Present
Fourth Grade Teacher - On Tenure Track

  • Expand the range of learning through whole class, individual, and small group instruction, cooperative education.
  • Teach integrated lessons across all subject areas that enable students to make connections between real-world issues and diversified course material.
  • Utilize the strategies of Reading and Writing Workshops to develop students reading and writing skills as part of a Direct a Balanced Literacy Program.   
  • Employ the use of multiple teaching methodologies and adapt learning materials to meet each student's unique learning ability and style.
  • Teach math concepts using challenging graphing and charting exercises.
  • Integrate technology into the learning process with computer lab and online lessons.
  • Evaluate, test, and grade to measure progress and identify learning issues.   
  • Coordinate Parent-Teacher Conferences and Meet the Teacher Night.

Elementary Education School, Cleveland, OH                            2008 - 2011
First Grade Teacher

  • Maintained a visually stimulating classroom setting that implemented children's artwork, essays, and top-graded tests, as well as letters, numbers, animals, and maps.
  • Made learning exciting through lesson plans that covered various areas of a broad curriculum in order to challenge the creative and critical though process.
  • Create a learning environment where children learned through play, socializing, homework, and group projects, and acclimated to daily routines. 
  • Communicate students’ academic/ social growth and achievement with parents.
  • Exercised a firm and caring approach towards discipline that has proven effective in managing a classroom.
  • Participated in district meetings, PTA meetings, and Parent-Teacher Conferences.



Microsoft Office and a broad range of educational software and online programs


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Well-written resume samples and cover letter samples  

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