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EVP Plastics Manufacturing, Arlington, VA        2009 - Present

Manufacturing Engineer

  • Employ the use of engineering and scientific principles to drive the R&D, design, and testing of plastic products for industrial applications.

  • Drive ROI for customers that invest in the research and development of products, using technical, cost, value, and safety considerations, schematics, data sets, reports, supporting data.

  • Work with a team of engineers on all phases of materials testing in readiness for production.

  • Define business goals, programs, and processes that support the fulfillment of on-time performance standards.

  • Improved the planning, prioritization, scheduling, and monitoring of the company’s largest manufacturing engineering projects.  

  • Took the initiatives to establish an open-item tracking system on all new products.

  • Leverages an expertise in engineering design, materials, and definition principles, along with a deep knowledge of methodologies and scientific tools critical to analyzing product performance. 

  • Expertly translate engineering and scientific data demystify abstract concepts. 

  • Meets regularly with management, customers, and technicians to arrive at engineering solutions.

  • Drive compliance using code design calculations to measure assembly work against product manufacturing engineering specifications.

  • Prepare reports for management reflecting system requirements and track budgets.

  • Review, assess and evaluate processes, tooling, and new product designs for production.


    AVIO, Houston, TX
    B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering 


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Well-written resume samples and cover letter samples  

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