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Before you prepare your Aircraft Mechanic resume, know:

DEFINE THE TYPE OF Aircraft Mechanic / Airplane Mechanic A&P Mechanic, or A&P Technician POSITION YOU ARE SEEKING.

Address & Contact Info

Aircraft Mechanic


Be sure to include Aircraft Mechanic related jargon so the reader understands, as well as your technical expertise such as using hand tools, power tools, machines, and equipment such as shears, sheet metal brake, welding equipment, rivet gun, and drills. .

Below are a few sample sentences with key words for your Aircraft Mechanic resume or Aircraft Mechanic cover letter:

Inspecting, repairing, troubleshooting, installation, operational, maintenance, managing support equipment functions and activities.

Perform mechanical maintenance of landing gear, flight surfaces, controls, anti-icing, auxiliary power unit , ________, _________, and ventilation and heating systems.

Repair, replace, and rebuild wings, fuselage, ________, _________, and surface controls

Read and interpret manufacturers and airline's maintenance manuals, service bulletins, technical data, and engineering data.

For an Aircraft Mechanic cover letter:

I am very interested in the A&P Mechanic position with your airline and was  very excited when I learned about your airline's need for an aircraft mechanic with my background and credentials.

I offer 20 years of experience as an A&P Mechanic with XYZ Airlines where I proved my ability to maintain the flight-worthiness of commercial aircraft every day. Whether working alone or with a crew, my project management skills always contributed to productivity and compliance.

I would like to speak with you to discuss opportunities. I can be reached directly at 555-555-5555. Thank you for your time.





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Well-written resume samples and cover letter samples  

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