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Is A Career In Criminal
Justice For You?

Do you have a calling to uphold the law? But what is your work style and personality? Do you like to research, plan, and present findings the way a prosecutor or defense attorney does at trial? Or do you see yourself walking the beat in a community to ensure the safety of persons and property in the role of police officer?


Or, do you see yourself in more of an administrative role back at the office in a paralegal position or tax attorney. Every industry has a slew of different types of jobs that a similar but very different. Do your research to see what types of jobs fit your interest and personality.


  Tips for Legal / Law Resumes

Keep you resume conservative, but make it interesting by showing detail. Break your experience up into sections unit by unit. Indicate the scope of your assigned responsibilities, the types of programs you were involved in and cite notable accomplishments.

Be sure to use all of the right jargon such as apprehended, perpetrator, investigate, patrol, security of people and persons, etc. If you are targeting a corporate security job, you will most likely need a bachelor's degree. It would be wise to research what specialized positions interest you and what credentials are needed to qualify.

When you do your resume, use a category such as Certifications, Certification & Licensure, Continuing Education, etc., and place it at the end but mention the credential in the profile section at the top of page one just under your name and address.


If you are a senior level attorney, you might have a background working in a boutique law firm, working as in-house counsel in a legal department, or maybe you have been a partner or senior partner at a private practice law firm. Regardless of the type of law firm, you will want to show your area of specialization such as litigation or corporate law. Moreover you will want to show your general business management experience such as hiring and supervising paralegals and staff attorneys.




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Well-written resume samples and cover letter samples  

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