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Marketing, PR , Events, Media Communications, Film Production 

Marketing Resume Samples

Art Director / Senior Graphic Artist

Marketing Manager

Art Director
Communications Director

Event Coordinator

Event Marketing

Event Marketing 2

Media Coordinator

Meeting Planner

Marketing Administrator

Marketing Associate
Marketing Assistant

Marketing Director

Marketing Director - Consumer Products
Print Production Manager

Product Manager

Sports Journalist


Marketing Cover Letter Sample

Brand Marketing Manager

Consumer Product Brand Manager

Event Marketing Coordinator With Sales

Media Communications Manager

VP Sales & Marketing, Commercial RE

Tips for Marketing Cover Letter


Marketing is a broad field. There are many aspects of sales, marketing, PR, media, communications, and advertising that either depend on the each other or overlap in function. It is important that you understand what these aspects are so you come across knowledgeable and demonstrating an understanding the hiring company's business. Specifically, that you are able to manage it, resolve many problems, and continually grow their business.


In order to know exactly what to focus on and where to draw the line, study the requirements in the hiring company's job ad. They will outline exactly what you need to know and have experience doing. Introduce yourself effectively, address what you know about the position and how your qualifications are a good fit, and request and interview.

Tips for Marketing Resumes

You create exciting marketing campaigns for clients, from print advertising, event marketing, and PR initiatives, as well s blogging, execution of SEO/SEM Google campaigns Ad Words campaigns, web-based video production, etc.

So why would your resume be so plain vanilla? The answer is that your exciting marketing resume must be exciting in content and style, but not to the point that you seem insincere and pompous. You want to be confident, but not arrogant. Your achievements should speak for themselves. It's your job to introduce yourself, tell them what you are about personally in a way that ties in with your professional character, and cite your most impressive experience. Break your resume up into sections that each describe an area of your career that is specialized so it doesn't get mixed in with the rest. In the end everything blends, but make it easy for the reader to find what they are looking for.

Is Marketing A Career For You?

Think about the commercials you enjoy, the funny tee shirts your wear, the type of soda or coffee you drink, the brand of perfume or cologne you wear, or the places you go for fun and entertainment. How do you know about these things and places? Was everything referred to you? How did they find out about it? Whether you saw it on TV, heard about it on the radio, saw it in a print ad, or someone told you about it, it is all a form of marketing and advertising, and you -- the consumer - are the target audience! If you have a lot of energy, are creative, enjoy writing, enjoy graphics, and like to figure out what makes people tick, you might be interested in a marketing career.

It seems that this field is fun, colorful, and exciting. The truth is, it is. But, there is a  more analytical side to the process. In order to target a consumer demographic, it is critical to know what that group wants to buy. This information is tracked, collected, and analyzed through lots of surveys. If you are a numbers person, but do not want to go into accounting, this might be a good way to satisfy the creative brainiac in you.

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Well-written resume samples and cover letter samples  

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