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Retail Sales Associate

Retail Store Manager

Retail Store Manager

Route Sales -- Career Change

Sales - Transition to IT

Sales Manager - National

Sales Trainer / Program Manager

Sales & Marketing Exec

Sales & Opers - A/V Tech

Sales & Purchasing

Sales Territory Manager

Technical Sales

Can you sell ice to Eskimos? Do you believe that if someone can sell widgets they can sell anything? Many believe you need to have an expert knowledge of a product and service in order to sell the benefits to a prospective buyer. While others believe a person can sell anything if they have the right personality and gift of gab.

The truth is probably a combination of all of the above. While it certainly doesn't hurt to have a great personality, it won't get that person very far if they do not have the expert knowledge to convince someone why the product or service is going to solve their problem.

Whereas, if the other sales person knows the product and service like the back of their hand but has the personality of a wet rag, they probably won't be too successful in building important relationships.

The best bet is to know your stuff and make the best impression in a personable, professional, and vibrant manner. If you think you have what it takes, a sales career can be an exciting way to make a living, and a lucrative one if you are in the right industry!

When you do your resume, be sure to include your sales performance as much as possible. Use numbers for each month, quarter or year.


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Well-written resume samples and cover letter samples  

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